Alvaro Cabrera

Hi, I'am ALVADUB (self-taught musician and software developer, beep-boop-bop!), and I want to share with you the music I made with <3

I am living at Guadalajara Jalisco, but my hometown is San Lorenzo Acopilco, a small place on the south-west mountains of Mexico City.

BTW, my fullname is Alvaro Cabrera Durán and I am 36 yo!

How I got into this?

I got into music early on my youth years, I started to learn and play reggae, rock, ska and patchanka covers with Eztli Cuica and later on with the ATL Sound System. There, I learnt how to create music and became the author of original music to play.

A couple of years later I started a new music project with Carlos Wise (DUB☆NIX), learning a new genre which captivated both of us: DUB — Unfortunately, I had to move to Jalisco so I paused most of my collaboration to focus entirely on my software engineering career.

Later on 2022 and early 2023 I came with the idea of starting a new project on my own so I played my music with our friends of Lion Army Sound System — It had a good acceptance through the public on the extint "Plantón 420" upfront the Senate Chamber at Mexico City and "Pulques La Venta" near our hometown (among other venues here at Guadalajara with our friends of Shaka Dance Sound System).

Since then, I have become more confident of my work, and now, I've been dedicating more time and money into this new venture!

What can I do for you?

Shall love to play my music for you, in your venue, between friends!

I have skills and the equipement to provide you the following experiences:

In all modes I can bring an instrument (usually a Melodica), and depending of the situation I can use my vocals (ain't much but it's honest work!) to fulfill the space.

I am very new on all of this, but I promise you: I am doing my best and I'll keep trying hard to become better after every session!

Where you can find my work?

I use Soundcloud to primarly upload my music and explore its audience, the same with Bandcamp, where you can also buy me (or download!) something directly.

From there, my work gets distributed to all major streaming plaforms: Deezer, Spotify and Amazon Music among others.

You can find me through the "ALVADUB" artist name, or just click on the links above.

Regardless of this, you can also download some of my music from here.

LIFE IS A REVERBLatest release!

Reggae & DUB

Other genres

WAV is high-quality audio file in stereo (between -11.0 and -10.0 LUFS), ideal for Sound System playback and vast majority of speakers/headphones with enough BASS support.

MP3 is the compressed version of original WAV audio files, with a high bitrate to keep a good quality level (around ~7MB each).

For now, I am using 12 channels or less and most tracks' length is ~3 min.

Longer files and/or custom versions would require some time and money, just reach me at with your request.

If you're looking for some pictures and logos for media usage just download the following file:

Thank you!