Hello world?

I want to state this: no one is paying to me to write code.

No one told me how to write code, I started like if it were just a hobby.

Programming, I choose you!

This is an awesome age where we all can become whatever do we want.

Thanks to internet I discovered so many years ago that writing code was interesting and fun.

I did not take any course due lack of resources, in fact, as lower-middle class citizen: I had opportunities.

If I did not take any course was due lack of engagement, and/or lazyness, drugs... but mostly: ignorance.

You're not alone

I was completely alone in a comfort zone, learning and coding solely for my own things. I didn't even realise that coding was becoming a highly valuable career path.

Then, thankfully a small and great team gave me an opportunity and here I am.

Long story short

Years back I had lost all my good old code from time learning Pascal, *nix, GML, and mIRC scripts.

Few time later I started with web development: ASP, VB, HTML4, CSS2, PHP3, MYSQL, etc.

That last skills (and probably actively participating on forums) bringed to me the enough skills to get my first job.

Then, on my free time I started with pet projects on github while learning how to design software and not just to write code.

I liked to get paid for solving problems, and not just for write code.

Who doesn't?

Open Source

I'm still learning a lot from open source projects every day.

Today, most code I do is result of bad or misunderstood tooling, libraries and frameworks I use everyday on my job, side projects, etc.

Trying to improve myself, building my own development stack you may notice.

But I'm also trying to contribute to the open source, not just taking ideas from it, not just implementing stuff, not just for fulfilling a portfolio.

To be honest: is a difficult, frustrating and overwhelming path.

So... why?

When more developers, implementators, consumers, users, all people around your city, state, country, from the entire world use your software.

The code you wrote.

If helps others.

It rocks!

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