About Me

I am curious by nature. The sense of awe and wonder has led me to keep learning. I consider myself a hedonist, but I am convinced that pleasure is something worth working for, and knowledge is a great source of it.

Computer Skills

I am a fluent Java programmer. I have deep understanding of Maven, mantaining complex builds, developing Maven plugins, and migrating Ant legacy scripts. I have worked gluing Java and C++ code using the Java Native Interface. I have worked with GWT, configuring existent Java libraries to work with the compiler, and developing web applications. I have decent regular expressions skills. I love using command line tools to get things done faster, and avoid repetitive tasks. I am familiar with software versioning systems such as SVN and Git. I have used and configured Hudson to perfom continuous integration builds. I always try to be operating system agnostic, in the end they are just tools. Back in school I used the R statistical language, and Latex to make math stuff look beautiful. While not at any code daemon level, I have used the now ubiquitous javascript for more than just pasting jQuery plugins together. I am a self taught GIMP enthusiast. I am never afraid of learning new stuff, and I always try to keep up with industry trends.


Since June 2011, I have been working as a Product Development Engineer at Tom Sawyer Software, a data visualization company. Previously I worked at SOA Professionals during the summer of 2010, leading the testing phase of a project commissioned by Buró de Crédito (the main credit bureau in Mexico).


I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering both from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico City. I was an student there from 2005 to 2010. My dissertation was a compendium on several results about the topic compactness in the field of mathematical analysis.


I appreciate design. I am thrilled with street art around the world. I like to take pictures, but most of all I love fooling with them pixel-wise developing my own tools. I feel that the gif format is amusing, and I enjoy creating animated ones. I found origami relaxing. I really have a relish for food. I consider soccer to be a beautiful sport to watch and practice.