Alvaro Cabrera

DUB Maker & Web developer

Acopilco, Cuajimalpa; Mexico City, MX (044) 55 1591-1240
Ek' Lamat - 27 years old
About me

I am a full-time web developer working at Mexico City who loves UI/UX design and engineering. Startup-holic, hacker and Open Source enthusiast. I believe that software can change the world.

  • Solid cross-browser knowledge about using HTML5 and CSS3 through W3C standards
  • Scripting with CoffeeScript, JavaScript & jQuery
  • Responsive design, sprites, canvas and so on…
  • Worried about accessibility and usability!
  • Building websites by using PHP frameworks
  • Experience using OOP, Ajax, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Lucene, Redis, etc.
  • Platform implementation using Git and SaaS, PaaS and Unix-based hostings
  • Continuously monitoring industry trends, technologies and standards
  • Product design, benchmarking and validation through users feedback
  • Server management abilities, remote scripting and configuration
Work Experience
  • Freelance web developer ~ Aug. 2009 — Jan. 2011
  • Full-time web developer @ Out of The Box ~ Feb. 2011 — May. 2013