Alvaro Cabrera Durán

(+52) 55 4907 4219
(+52) 33 2796 4799

General skills, no-buzzwords

I feel confident about:

  • HTML5, CSS3 and ES6 from the ground up.

    I power up my daily job leveraging modern tooling from NodeJS. From edgy Javascript bundlers to legacy task runners.

  • PHP, Ruby and Groovy without doubt.

    It rhymes, you know. All good songs are enough good if they make you shake your booty!

I've been there:

  • Docker, AWS, Heroku, Linode and/or DigitalOcean for web services.

    Required to be online, I can setup things on free SaaS and paid solutions.

  • Bitbucket, Gitlab, GitHub for VCS

    Feel free to delete everything on your side, I'll never do the same. I do the backup!

  • TravisCI and Jenkins for CI/CD

    Of course I'm not lazy, I just prefer for CI to finish my job.

What I've been doing?

I started working remotely, doing low-income tasks. Then I joined to a small digital-marketing to learn RoR while doing HTML+CSS+JS right before the ReactJS era.


  • Full-stack developer ♥ AgaveLab
    Jan. 2018 (…)

    Been here is like the renaissance of my career. Most of the stuff I've been studying on the past suddendly is here. So I decided to stay as long as I can and encourage others to also build their own careers.

  • Freelance full-stack web developer
    Feb. 2017 — Dec. 2017 (GDL)

    Once again, it was time to start from scratch. Also I started another OSS project: MIDI-on-SCOOPS.

  • Full-time / full-stack web developer ♥ Empathia
    Mar. 2016 — Jan. 2017 (GDL)

    I really wanted to build good things and help people, so I moved to GDL in order to start doing that. Here I wrote small abstractions just to help out on the job, or even just for fun.


  • Full-time / full-stack web developer ♥ Grupo Expansión
    Jun. 2013 — Feb. 2016 (CDMX)

    My career was boosted up on GEx, motivated by a great team with strong opinions, solid commands and the best mentoring. Here I started to create tooling and my first OSS project: json-schema-faker.

  • Full-time web developer ♥ Out of The Box1
    Feb. 2011 — May. 2013 (CDMX)

    Here I started to learn very serious stuff on web-development, here I did CoffeeScript, Ruby on Rails and Git. Loved HAML, Sass and other hot stuff from these years. I was using tooling for first time!

  • Freelance web developer
    Aug. 2009 — Jan. 2011 (CDMX)

    I used to build scripts for picture-windows on mIRC, learned bit of GameMaker and did some CLI stuff with TurboPascal. After learning bits of web-development for the backend with ASP/PHP I started to search for something.

Education — really

I started at home, learning mainly PHP and HTML+CSS+JS stuff right before the jQuery era. Google and Firefox were very young at the time.


  • Self-teach at home
    1999-2000 — Jul. 2009 (CDMX)

    During this period, I dropped the school and also tried several times to grade after years. Fortunately, good people1 found me useful and hired me without requiring any of it.

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