Hellow there

I would like to spend my spare time on small side-projects, making music or helping colleagues.

I'm open to collaborate if I consider it fun or interesting to do. :wink:

Ethics are important to me, lets build good stuff!

My first love is front-end

  • Solid cross-browser knowledge about using HTML5/CSS3
  • Responsive design, web components, sprites, svg, etc.
  • Scripting with CoffeeScript, ES5/ES6 & beyond!
  • Worried about accessibility and usability. ♥

I like to build/break things

  • Building websites by using frameworks and mixtures of PHP, Rails, NodeJS and such
  • Knowledge on application containers, cache and storage systems, databases, etc.
  • Platform implementation using Git and SaaS, PaaS and Unix-based hostings
  • Tooling and CI setup, server-side scripting and provisioning

Overnight developer

  • Continuously monitoring industry trends, technologies and stablished standards
  • Product design, benchmarking and validation through users feedback
  • Server management abilities, remote scripting and configuration
  • OpenSource maintainer and DUB maker

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